Tuesday, 28 December 2010

NAM Graphic Collective

Whilst working on my surreal project i came across what i think are an incredible group of Japanese artists called NAM graphic collective. 

 Created by a group of 10 artists all from different backgrounds and shot by Hiroshi Manaka, they describe their art to be 'a fantasy in life'. I think the images are incredibly breathtaking and i thought that to not share them would be a crime.

They have more work on the website NOM

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Black and white print

I decided to scan one of my black and white portrait prints. 
Model: Ilana
Although i love working in the studio on digital fast energy shoots. I do also enjoy black and white photography and i want to produce a series of black and white portraits to go along side my colour digital work. Hopefully over the Christmas break i will get a chance to shoot some more black and white film for my own personal work back in Manchester.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


As i have been working on my black and white images this week i was reminded of one of my all time favourite pieces of work created by the great Ellan Von Unwerth. Unwerth is a massive advertising and fashion photographer who is represented by Art + Commerce one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. Her book 'revenge' was her own personal project away from the fashion shoots, where she could go all out and create a whole different world around the story of three young women going to stay at a Baroness' house. The images are provocative and push the bounds of eroticism, without becoming vulgar. 

I love the story telling in this series of images looking through the book you completely understand the narrative she is telling without having to read the text. unswerth manages to maintain tact with such erotic images and i defiantly advise everyone to check out this piece of work even if it isn't your taste its a fantastic set of images.Click here to view

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Black Jack Apparel

Model: Scott
This week was a busy week trying to complete shooting for my ongoing project, but i did manage to fit some time for a photoshoot to promote a friends new clothing range called Black Jack Apparel. It was a basic studio shoot to show off the design of the t-shirt, shot by Lola Lazaro Hinks and I. 

Black Jack Apparel is genuine artwork drawn and designed by graphic designer, Kudz. 

Model: Lauren
Originally we were supposed to shoot on a black background but as there wasn't enough paper left on the roll. We then decided to use a gray background and overall collectively we were happy with the results.  

Check out Black Jack Apparel Click here and get to know the next big thing.