Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final Edits

My final edits for my 'MAC' campaign are ready. Orgionally inspired by a mixture of old campaigns and Rankin's cut outs these are the two advertising images i made for this project at uni. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Moving image

As i have to create a film for the MAC campaign i have been looking into the moving images of fashion photographers.
 The Nick Knight and SHOWstudio's tribute to Alexander McQueen is absolutely stunning and my favourite moving image i have seen to date.

SHOWstudio: Alexander McQueen tribute 


My next shoot is a campaign for MAC cosmetics. I am really looking forward to this as i have never really done a beauty campaign but i think that i will be quite good at it. I have created a slogan for the campaign which will be 'Make me amazing'. The idea of the campaign is as usual with MAC that the makeup transforms you into someone else. 


Watch this space for the result... 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rick Genest

Rick Genest is, in my eyes, the most fascinatingly wonderful thing to come out of the world of fashion this year. The face of Muglers Autumn/ Winter campaign 11, he is quick literally the most interesting face of fashion i have ever seen, and for that reason he 100% deserves his spot in the 'Look Book'. From 'homeless zomie boy' to the star of Paris Fashion week, Mugler's whole image has been completely transformed.   

It just inspires me that someone so unconventional can become such an incredible muse and star of the fashion world. Fashion doesn't have to be obvious and i think Genest is an incredible example of a living piece of art. 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Final edits

These are some other final edits from the 'classic' shoot. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011


After a long few days of editing, i have got my final 8 images from the 'classic' fashion shoot. 

It began as a fashion shoot for the classic shirt and morphed into a self portrait, androgynous, fashion shoot. The clothes sourced for the shoot worked really well and i had amazing help off my sister, Rebecca Adams with styling and hair and makeup on the day.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The shoot

After a crazy week of planning, clothes shopping and organising, with help from my sister, i finally managed to do the shoot on Friday. I have decided that self portraits are definitely not for me but i am glad i did it and i think it will help my in future to understand how difficult it is in front of the camera.

Here is a sneak peak at what the images will look like. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


After watching 'Gia',the film based on the 70's model Gia Carangi,
 for the first time in years last night i have been on a mission today to see her photographs. 

I have been searching the web for pictures of her. Gia died of Aids at the age of 26 due to abusing herself with drugs.If the film did her any truth she seemed like a beautifully lost creature and it is a tragedy that her life ended so soon. She is someone i would loved to have met. And although short her life was an important and meaningful. 

I think everyone should know about Gia Carangi and thats why i am posting this. I think she would have been a special person. 

If you read this and you don't know about Gia you can watch these documentaries on Gia. But i am telling you now this is about how it all went wrong, not the good bits. 
Part one
Part two

I never knew you but i think i will miss you RIP 

Friday, 25 February 2011


The title of my fashion shoot at the moment is classic. My idea is to create a series of images on the suit. But rather than having a woman and a man i am using both women in the shoot. I want an androgynous model and a feminine one and after talking with my tutors today they suggested that i be the 'male' figure. I thought about it and then decided that it was worth a try so i went out and sourced the clothes and took a couple of test pictures. 

The question is am i the right 'man' for the job???

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Inspire me

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration...


Now all i have to do is... well everything better get cracking!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Craig Lawrence

On Saturday Craig Lawrence's show at London Fashion week. He is one of the new generation designers in the UK and he specializes in knitwear. He described this collection as “The moon at twilight, madness in the night and my darker side.”

Find out more about him Click here

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Builders

In New York, i visited ground Zero. At the time i arrived to the area a lot of the construction workers for the new World Trade Centre were on their lunch break, hanging around on the street. I decided to document the men responsible for the new sky scraper. Whilst i was doing so i managed to chat to a few of the guy who were all very welcoming and happy to talk to me. Also shot on my 35mm with colour film these are scans of the prints.

The New Yorker

I just got back from a university trip to New York. Whilst i was over there i shot on my 35mm Pentax 1000. I decided to shoot in film to get a street 'grunge' style to my images, as i new i would be walking round taking pictures of people off the street.

whilst we were over there i was inspired by both the architecture but also the people living in New York. 
This is a portrait i took in Soho, New York. I spotted the man walking towards me in the street and got his permission to take a quick portrait of him. One of the most interesting things that i found shooting this portrait was although he allowed me to take the picture, he pulled up the scarf to cover most of his face, hiding most of his identity. 

Friday, 4 February 2011

Double page spread

For a mini project at uni we had to create a two page spread, based on any magazine we chose. I decided to shoot mine for Dazed and Confused magazine. I was inspired by Laurence Passera, a fashion photographer represented by Gainsbury & Whiting. I used Ilana once again for my model as i feel we work well together as we are friends. 

 I created these images in the studio using colour gels on the flash lights. None of the colour has been created in post production as i wanted to be able to do it without relying on photoshop.   

These are the two final images i used in my double page spread. 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Laurence Passera

Laurence Passera is one of the most exciting photographers i have come across in ages. He uses loads of colour using gels and keeps his models creating lots of movement.

By using colour gels he creates a different mood to the image that the image would lack without the infusion of colour. By using gels it allows a lot more freedom in a studio and brings life to what is essentially a plain piece of paper. Passera has been featured on the front cover of Dazed and Confused in Vogue and shot a McQueen campaign. He is represented by one of the top agencies in the world Gainsbury & Whiting. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jeurgen Teller

I was just doing some research when i came across a Teller campaign i hadn't seen before, for Vivienne Westwood, staring Pamela Anderson. Tellers style is that very similar to the 90's heroin chic period of fashion photography, but in a more provocative way a bit like Terry Richardson. 

I really like these campaigns as i think they are quite humorous within the Vivienne Westwood advertising style but maintaining Teller personal style. 

Friday, 7 January 2011

studio work

Duing a project at uni, we had to shoot high key and low key lighting set ups in the studio on Hassleblad. 

This is one of my negatives that i scanned in from my low key shoot. I set up the studio to rim light my subject from behind to give her a slight glow around the edges and define the edges of her hoody from the background. I then used a beauty dish to light the front of her. I really like the way the lighting came out.