Tuesday, 1 March 2011


After watching 'Gia',the film based on the 70's model Gia Carangi,
 for the first time in years last night i have been on a mission today to see her photographs. 

I have been searching the web for pictures of her. Gia died of Aids at the age of 26 due to abusing herself with drugs.If the film did her any truth she seemed like a beautifully lost creature and it is a tragedy that her life ended so soon. She is someone i would loved to have met. And although short her life was an important and meaningful. 

I think everyone should know about Gia Carangi and thats why i am posting this. I think she would have been a special person. 

If you read this and you don't know about Gia you can watch these documentaries on Gia. But i am telling you now this is about how it all went wrong, not the good bits. 
Part one
Part two

I never knew you but i think i will miss you RIP 

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